Trident Ice Blade

120016 | Black | Pair
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Powerslide Trident Ice Blade - Use your inline skate boots all year long. Innovative ice blade technology, TRINITY mounting, aircraft aluminum.

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The innovative POWERSLIDE Trident Ice Blade gives you the freedom to use your favorite inline skate all year long. Easily mount the Trident Ice Blade to any TRINITY mount compatible boot and hit the ice. This innovative frame is made of high-grade 6061 aircraft aluminum that’s lightweight and strong enough to stand up to intense ice skating and frigid winter temperatures. Fast and agile, the POWERSLIDE Trident Ice Blade has a straight center that ensures stability while the radius of the blade helps you turn with ease. The Trident Ice Blade is incredibly versatile, coming in four different sizes, and using the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system, the Trident has been developed to fit a wide range of skates. The technology itself has been racing proven with wins at the World Championships, the prestigious Berlin Marathon, and at freestyle events as well as pushing into traditional sports such as hockey. Whether you’re playing ice hockey, racing, or simply having some winter fun with your friends, the POWERSLIDE Trident Ice Blade allows you to skate 365 days a year.
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308g (M)
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S = 38-39, M =40-41, L = 42-43, XL = 44-46
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Blade Name:
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Ice Blade Mounting Standard:
TRINITY 3-point mounting
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Blade Holder Material:
6061 aircraft aluminum extruded & CNC machined to perfection
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Blade Material:
Heat treated 8 CR 14 Mo Vanadium steel
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Blade Hardness:
56±2 HRC
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Blade Width:
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Blade Pre-Sharpened:
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Extra Features:
TRINITY with X-slot mounting to adjust the ice blade position
2 Years
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