Doing our part to ensure a clean, healthy environment

Powerslide is dedicated to producing the best inline skating products on planet earth and helping protect the planet we love to roll on and call home. At Powerslide, we take our part seriously and are focused on constant improvements and progression. Caring for and respecting our environment takes much more than words and gestures, it takes action. Since the very start of the company in the early ‘90s , step by step, Powerslide has been changing our methods to ensure we’re as environmentally friendly as possible. From product design and materials to improving packaging and production methods, we're consistently taking steps to improve sustainability.

We have a ways to go, but we are committed to always doing better and being as environmentally responsible as possible. 

We hope you’ll join us.
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Maintenance and Upkeep

One of the best ways to reduce waste is to offer high-quality products that can be easily maintained. Proper upkeep ensures a longer life span and reduces the need to replace products. Powerslide strives to design and produce skates, frames, bearings, and other parts that can be easily and efficiently maintained. Replacement parts will be sold directly to end-consumers to make them available worldwide starting 1st of October 2022.

High-quality products reduce waste

Powerslide produces high-quality products because they help ensure a fun skating experience and also because durable, long-lasting products reduce waste. You can rely on Powerslide to offer reliable inline skates and roller skates, to frames, wheels, bearings and other parts that endure the test of time. And when our products do need to be replaced, we design our skate products to be recyclable whenever possible.


We've always been focused on reducing packaging and using the most environmentally friendly materials available. Powerslide replaced polyethylene (PE) bags with non-woven reusable PP bags; replaced PE wheel and bearing tubes with cardboard; uses paper instead of PE bags for clothing packaging, and ships helmets without PE bags at all. These small steps make a big difference, reducing our plastic waste output by approximately 5t annually.


Change and progress can’t happen without investment. Powerslide continues to put money and resources into improving our processes. As an example, since we ship our products worldwide, we invested in a machine that recycles discarded cardboard boxes and turns them into pulp which we use as cushioning when we pack boxes for shipping.

Individual Actions

Powerslide is more than just a company, we’re a group of passionate people working hard not just to make high-quality skating products but collectively do our best to make the world a better place. Small actions add up and make a difference. Powerslide encourages our employees to be sustainable, including shutting off lights when leaving a room and turning off electronics when not in use, limiting the use of printers, using climate-neutral shipping options when sending envelopes, and skating (or biking) to work whenever possible.


Powerslide is constantly researching ways to make our products more environmentally friendly, including incorporating recycled and recyclable materials, and in many cases vegan-friendly materials in our skates, frames, wheels, and protective gear. We are incredibly proud to make some of the world’s best inline skates, parts, and accessories but with production can come waste. Powerslide strives to make durable, long-lasting products that are also recyclable and/or replaceable whenever possible. In many cases, our cuffs, shells, and buckles are fully recyclable, along with many of our frames, bearings and hardware like axles and screws.


Recognizing that shipping and transportation creates harmful emissions, we do our best to ensure our production and logistics are as streamlined as possible. We have even brought production of some products (including Undercover wheels) back to Europe to reduce emissions, time, and shipping costs.


We’re all skaters with a collective passion for rolling in the great outdoors and we all have a responsibility to help ensure there is a clean, healthy environment. While we are proud of the steps we've taken to respect the environment, we also know this is just the beginning.

Our commitment is to continue embracing sustainability and adapting our processes to be as environmentally friendly as possible.