Bottom half of a roller derby skater with a single hand touching the ground
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Chaya Roller Derby

First played in 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, roller derby has taken over the globe, with approx.1,250 amateur leagues worldwide, and has become a popular sport, especially for females. Roller derby is a fun, intense sport and CHAYA offers a selection of high-performance, durable roller skates designed for the demanding world of roller derby. Roller Derby is a tough sport for tough skaters and CHAYA has the right skates for you to move fast and beat your rivals on the track.
A person tying their Chaya roller skates
lightweight is one word!
Chaya Jade
An indestructible boot
A close-up image of a person with tattoos on their legs wearing Chaya Jade roller skates
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A close-up of Ennui knee pads
Protective gear specifically designed for action sports.