For many, roller skating is more than just a sport or pass time, it’s their passion and their life. CHAYA (pronounced KAJA) means “Mother of Life” or “Life” in Hebrew and it alludes to the passion we have for roller skating. Whether you’re into dancing, derby, racing, or simply having some casual fun on roller skates, CHAYA is dedicated to making innovative, high-quality roller skates and parts for rolling life.

CHAYA is a registered brand of POWERSLIDE, a global leader in the inline skating industry. Although POWERSLIDE is known for producing some of the best inline skates and parts on the market, its roots are in quad roller skating. Company owner, Matthias Knoll, grew up as a quad speed skater, who still has a passion for the sport.

CHAYA is dedicated to making more than just your average roller skate, our goal is to bring innovative, high-quality roller skates and equipment to people who truly love to skate. We design our products to meet and exceed the needs of modern roller skaters. From dance to derby to skatepark to racing, CHAYA makes the products you need for a complete roller skating experience.

CHAYA roller skates and equipment incorporate innovative technologies or materials that have been proven in the inline skate world, bringing benefits not found in other roller skates. Stunning CHAYA designs combined with the most advanced technologies possible separate CHAYA from the rest.

We are proud to support the skating community and passionate roller skaters worldwide who not just represent the CHAYA brand but also provide feedback to ensure we’re always progressing and giving skaters the products they need to perform their very best and have a fun time doing it.

With a passion for making innovative, high-performance products and pure love for the sport, CHAYA is a driving force in the roller skate industry.

CHAYA - It’s time

Matthias Knoll

Owned by POWERSLIDE, CHAYA is a dedicated roller skate brand that makes high-quality roller skates and accessories for those who love to roll.

Matthias Knoll’s love for rolling started back in 1975 when he was just six years old. Rolling on quad roller skates with wheels made of wood, he soon realized not only that he loved to skate, but he had the passion and drive to be a champion.    

After winning medals at national and international speed skating events, Matthias soon became a member of the German national team. Always the leader and never afraid of a challenge, in the early ‘90s Matthias was the first member of the German team to switch from quads to inline skates until he retired young to start Powerslide in 1994.  

An entrepreneur at heart, to make ends meet and finance his passion for sports, Matthias started his own business. Thanks to his connection and support from Tom Peterson - former World Champion on skates and founder of Hyper Wheels - Matthias began to sell wheels and other equipment at speed skating events out of his car under the name Roll Knoll and started to live his dream.  

It didn’t take him long to realize he really enjoyed selling products to his friends and competitors. His love for skating and appreciation for business soon came together when he enrolled in university to study sports management. By the time he graduated, Matthias had the education, experience, and passion to take the next step.

Together with his friend Stefan Göhl, Matthias founded POWERSLIDE in 1994 to start his successful journey of living the dream. He was driven by the goal of bringing the joy of rolling to people around the world through high-quality, innovative skates and parts that allow skaters to push their limits, have fun, and redefine what’s possible on skates.  

Even though POWERSLIDE began with a focus on inline skates, Matthias never forgot his roller skating roots. CHAYA is an important part of the POWERSLIDE family, created in 2015 to offer high-quality, innovative roller skates and parts to people around the world.  

Matthias is the brain, heart, and soul of POWERSLIDE and CHAYA. He’s a visionary, a loving workaholic, and an undoubtedly positive force that keeps moving the company forward and challenging staff to discover what’s possible on wheels.  

The term “skater owned” is thrown around a lot, but in the case of POWERSLIDE and CHAYA it’s 100% true. Matthias is still skating and still racing, living up to his motto “Work hard, train hard” - it’s what he does day in and day out.

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