A close-up image of 3-wheel Powerslide Reign inline roller hockey skates with a hockey net in the background
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High-quality, performance-focused inline hockey skates

Powerslide presents a complete inline hockey skate collection designed in Germany with revolutionary products that allow players all over the world the chance to step up their game.
A black and white image of a hockey stick and 3-wheel Powerslide Reign inline roller hockey skates

Pro Hockey

Explosive acceleration, fast shots, sharp turns, and quick stops - Inline hockey is the most exhilarating sport on wheels, and to rule the rink, you need the right equipment.
Indoor and outdoor skates
Train with the best equipement.
A close-up image of the blade of a hockey stick with 3-wheel inline hockey skates in the background
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Three men playing street hockey holding sticks and wearing Powerslide inline hockey skates
Street Hockey
Whether you’re playing a street hockey game of pick-up with your friends, or you’re a veteran player looking to win the championship, Powerslide has ideal skates and accessories to help you play your best and beat your rivals.
Balls and pucks
All you need for street hockey.
All you need for street hockey