An inline speed skater wearing a tight blue outfit skating toward the camera
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Powerslide inline racing and speed skating products

We develop the best speed inline skating hardware available: heat moldable carbon boots, specialized adult and kids racing products, comfy PainFree shell designs, stiff triple x-truded Triskate frames, next level Trinity Mounting features, record breaking 125mm wheels to uber-precise Wicked bearings. Our new collection is our best ever, packed with innovation, development and passion.
Close up image of a four-wheel Powerslide inline speed skate

Inline Racing

Racing is in POWERSLIDE´s DNA, and like life, racing is full of challenges. There are ups and downs battling through blood, sweat, and tears to reach your goal either to beat your personal best or to become a champion. POWERSLIDE racing skates enable you to reach your limits and beyond.
Long distance skating
Arise 125 Marathon.
A close up image of a black and white Powerslide Arise inline skate
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An inline marathon skater mid-stride skating toward the camera in Powerslide inline race skates
The Powerslide R series and Arise skates, have revolutionized the marathon skating scene. Designed to always give the skaters the maximum performance, while at the same time continuing to keep comfort a priority.
DH350 TRINITY frame.
A person with a helmet and face shield rolls down a hill at high speeds on inline skates