Woman in a pink hat grey shirt and black pants skating on 3-wheel Powerslide inline skates
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High-performance freeride and freestyle urban inline skates

The Powerslide Urban inline skates are ideal for intense skating in the city. Whether you are looking for a durable hardboot for commuting, a high-performance slalom skate or a reliable all-round setup for freeriding, we have you covered. Powerslide offers the widest range of freestyle and freeride skates, with Trinity 3-point mounting, 165 mm dual mounting, 3 wheels and 4 wheels, for adults and kids. Discover our greatest solutions for urban skates.
Man with sunglasses a black shirt and black pants skating on black Powerslide inline skates


The essence of urban skating, distilled into its purest form; that´s the beauty of POWERSLIDE urban freeride skates! Whether you are a new skater dipping a toe into inline skating, a seasoned vet adding a new skate to your collection or a freeride pro exploring new horizons, we at Powerslide have the right skates for you! Lightweight, dynamic performance, durable, and offering a range of different fits. All you need for the perfect skating day.
Powerslide NEXT skate
The revolution of the hardboot.
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Powerslide freestyle skates


When the lure to express yourself is impossible to ignore, that´s when you know you are ready for Powerslide freestyle skates. Whatever your aspirations, whether you’re training and skating with your buddies or skating in perfection on the chase for a podium – we have the freestyle skates to suit you.
Spinner wheels
A new standard for urban skating.
A new standard for urban skating.