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Not satisfied with your purchase from our website? Please check our RETURN POLICY for more information.

Do you have an issue with one of our products? It's rare, but it does happen from time to time. Simply follow these steps:

1. Contact the shop where you bought the product(s). All claims and warranties must be processed through our recognized shops and retailers.
(Note: Even when you purchase from the Powerslide website using the BUY BUTTON, this is an independent shop and we don't have any access to the shop's order history or client's information.)  

2. The shop will contact us with the details, and - if need be -, we will process a replacement.

3. If the shop does not answer you by email or phone after 3 working days, please contact us, and we will try to help work it out with the specific shop. Only customers with proof of purchase can be answered.
(Note: Warranty does not cover second-hand products.)

Do you want to be a sponsored rider by Powerslide?

Send us your sponsoring request for Powerslide or one of our brands, including your CV and all your social media account(s) like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube to give us the possibility to learn more about you and your activities. We will get back to you in a timely manner with feedback.

Do you want to know about releases and availability of products? 

1. Contact your local or favorite online skate shop to find out about availability and release dates. We will also announce new products and release dates on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us. 

Do you need advice on finding a well-fitting skate in the right size? We have you covered on our website:

1. Check our SKATE GUIDE first.

2. Check our FAQ page(s).

3. Check our YOUTUBE channel for videos and tips.

Do you need advice about or technical details about a product? Check out the following resources:

1. Check our SKATE GUIDE first.

2. Check our FAQ files.

3. Check our YOUTUBE channel for „Speaking Specs“ and „Rolling Review“ videos.

Are you looking for support for your event, competition, website or channel?

1. Be sure to send us all details including proof of audience and public, dates, location, and any other relevant information. Messages lacking information won't be answered.

2. Contact us: Send us a message now.

We truly appreciate everyone who reaches out to us and we do our absolute best to respond promptly. We do receive lots of messages every day, so please have patience and give us some time to respond.


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