Freedom is a beautiful thing. The freedom to roll, the freedom to create - at IQON, we believe when you’re skating, nothing should hold you back.

Focused on aggressive and urban skating , IQON’s unwavering goal is to offer innovative, high-quality options for the toughest inline skating segments.Featuring only the best to skaters around the globe, IQON combines original concepts with proven innovations from the skating industry.

USD was the first company focused on producing high-quality skates with replaceable and customizable parts. For the first time ever, skaters could tailor their skates to suit individual skating styles and skill levels.

 More than just a company, with what is arguably the best skate team ever assembled, USD helped mold the sport and develop a culture. Legendary skaters including Dustin Latimer, Jon Julio, Josh Petty, Aaron Feinberg, Rachard Johnson, Champion Baumstimmler, and Kevin Gillan were some of the original members of the USD team.

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