Decode CERAM1K 16set

40103 | Gold | 16 pcs.
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IQON Decode CERAM1K bearings don't follow standards - instead, they are setting a new one. Combined with Decode frames these hybrid ceramic bearings with integrated bearing boss allow for various different setup options at incredibly low friction. On top of that, using high-end ceramic balls, these bearings are lightweight and impressively fast. Still using conventional frames for whatever reason? - seriously, WHY? - Decode bearings got you covered anyway. Simply turn the bearings inside out, put in the included shorter spacers, and off you go. This set includes 16pcs of bearings and 8pcs 7,25mm spacers. #AUGMENTEDMOBILITY
Iqon; ceram1k; 6 balls; ceramic balls, chrome steel race ways
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Bearing Brand:
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Bearing Rating:
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Bearing Standard:
606 standad / Decode standard
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Bearing Shield:
RZ, single sided rubber coated steel
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Bearing Lubrication:
Light Oil
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Number of Balls:
6 Balls
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Material Bearing Balls:
Ceramic Si3N4
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Material Bearing Rings:
Chrome steel
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Material Bearing Cage:
2 Years
6 Ball Technology
Decode Technology
Ceramic bearing balls