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Functional, innovative accessories to enhance your inline skating experience

In a fast, intense sport like inline skating, details make all the difference. From performance to comfort, Powerslide has an extensive selection of accessories to make your skating life that much better. We put the same love and passion we put into making high-quality skates and parts, into our inline skate accessories. From precise, durable tools to functional skate backpacks and travel gear, to top quality race clothing, and everyday fashion items, Powerslide makes the accessories you need for a complete skating experience.
The front and back of a Powerslide long sleeve shirt for inline speed skating
Casual and sporty clothes.
UBC Bags
Designed to carry all your skate goods in comfort.
A woman holding multiple Powerslide UBC bags
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A close-up image of Powerslide sunglasses
Powerslide Optics
High quality sunglasses designed for skaters.
HABS Brake
Height Adjustable Brake System.
A close-up image of a Powerslide HABS brake