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Protection and Safety Equipment

Powerslide’s extensive selection of protective gear for inline skaters

Build confidence and have peace of mind while having a blast on inline skates.

Falls happen, it’s all part of the beauty of inline skating. Powerslide has your back, and the rest of your body, offering inline skaters a range of comfortable and effective protective gear. With a selection of protective gear that’s designed specifically for different types of skating and different types of skaters, Powerslide has the protection you need to have confidence and push your limits on inline skates. Powerslide protective gear sets the standard in safety and comfort, with protective gear designed for all skaters, from beginners to pros. Fitness, speedskating, urban freestyle… no matter your skating style you can count on Powerslide for superior safety gear.
A male inline speed skater wearing a tight black and white outfit and helmet skates toward the camera on Powerslide inline speed skates
Powerslide WIND
Aerodynamic helmet designed to cut through the air faster than anything.
Elite helmet
Great all-round helmet with high comfort and superior fit.
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Stretchable one size fits all protection.
Allround helmet
Bright colors and high protection for kids and adults.
Bright colors and high protection for kids and adults