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Powerslide Tornado Helmet - High-performance helmet worn by the top inline race and speed skating professionals Felix Rijhnen and Bart Swings. Aerodynamic, lightwieght, sleek, stylish.

Other versions:
55cm -58cm
58cm -61cm
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The POWERSLIDE Tornado Helmet is the high-performance inline racing helmet that the top pros rely on when they want to be at the top of the podium. The Tornado Helmet was designed to meet and exceed the demands of Felix Rijhnen, Bart Swings and other professional speedskaters. It offers the perfect balance of aerodynamics, fit, safety and style. The POWERSLIDE Tornado is a high-end helmet that is sleek and streamlined, allowing you to cut through the air with ease. The helmet has convinced with a superior fit and can also be used in cycling. The helmet meets the European safety standard for bicycle helmets. The POWERSLIDE Tornado impresses with a superior fit and can also be used in cycling. The Tornado meets the European safety standard for bicycle helmets.
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Head Circumferences / Sizes:
55cm - 58cm, 58cm - 61cm
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Adjustable Head Ring:
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Outside Shell Construction:
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Outside Shell Material:
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Padding Material Helmet:
Sealed EVA pads
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High density EPS
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Straps Helmet:
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Closure Helmet:
Easy clip buckle
CE Certificate
2 Years
Test Report
Letter of Conformity
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