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903315 | Black | Pair
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Powerslide Race Pro Gloves - Unobtrusive hand protection for inline speedskaters. Abrasion-resistant microfiber, terrycloth thumb, knuckle inserts.

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Powerslide Race pro Gloves - second-skin fit gloves
The Powerslide Race Pro Gloves are designed for speedskating enthusiasts and professionals who require a maximum level of protection combined with superior comfort and flexibility. These super ligtweight gloves are engineered to meet the specific needs of high-speed activities where hand protection is crucial.

Constructed from Lycra, the gloves offer a tight, second-skin fit that enhances the tactile feedback and comfort for the user. This stretchable material allows for an optimal range of motion, ensuring that the gloves do not restrict hand movements during races.

Easy take off of gloves
A standout convenience feature of the Race Pro Gloves is the inclusion of loops on the bottom side of the middle and ring fingers. These loops are designed for easy removal of the gloves, enabling quick and efficient transitions during competition or training sessions.

Option to choose from plastic splints and Kevlar pads
The palm side of the gloves is reinforced with padded, abrasion-resistant material, providing a robust layer of protection against wear and tear that often occurs in racing scenarios. Attached to this area by Velcro, a plastic splint offers additional protection, shielding the palm from impacts and especially abrasions. This feature is particularly beneficial in protecting against injuries from falls or contact with abrasive surfaces.
You don´t like plastic splints? Each package also includes kevlar pads that could be used to replace the plastic splints.

The Powerslide Race Pro gloves are available in kids and adult sizes.
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S, M, L, XL
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Material Bottom Splint/Slider Wristguard:
Polyethylene (PE)
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Material Upper Wristguard:
Aero Lycra, abrasion resistant materials
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Material Lining Wristguard:
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Size Bottom Splint Wristguard:
One size
2 years
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