A  close-up image of a 3-wheel Powerslide Trinity frame for inline skates
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Innovative, high-quality frames for all forms of inline skating

To have the ultimate skating experience and push your limits, a high-quality inline skate frame is crucial. With so many different types of inline skating, Powerslide offers a wide range of precision frames designed to help skaters discover what they are really capable of on wheels. Whether you’re looking for speed, agility, precision, or bullet-proof durability, Powerslide’s frames are available with different mounting systems (including the famous TRINITY system), lengths, and wheel set-ups so you can complement your skating style and skill level perfectly. From capable fitness frames, precise speed skate frames, and agile slalom frames, to durable aggressive frames and adventurous SUV off-road frames, Powerslide gives you the ideal tools for you to skate your very best.
A close-up image of a Powerslide Elite inline skate frame without wheels
ELITE Frames
Great all-round TRINITY Mount AL frames for urban and fitness.
DH350 TRINITY frame.
A person with a helmet and face shield rolls down a hill at high speeds on inline skates
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A close-up image of a Powerslide rockerable inline skate frame
Rockered frames
Specially designed for slalom.
SUV Frame sets
Ready to roll.
SUV Frame sets