3X4 12.8/3x110/1x100 Titanium Pink, 195

904541 | Titanium/Pink | Pair
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POWERSLIDE 3X4 110/100 / 12.8" Titanium Pink - The ultimate frame for inline racing. Aircraft aluminum, 195 mount, 3x110 or 4x100 wheel setups.

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Powerslide Frame company of the year 2018 BIGWHEELBLADING award
Powerslide Frame company of the year 2019 BIGWHEELBLADING award
Powerslide Frame company of the year 2020 BIGWHEELBLADING award
It’s our legendary Triple X frame on a diet, say hello one of the fastest, most capable inline race frames available - it’s the 3X4 110/100 - 12.8 Titanium Pink frame from POWERSLIDE. Collaboration between our engineers, designers, and professional team members Sandrine Tas and Kati Rumpus, without sacrificing performance the 3X4 110/100 frame is now 10% lighter than previous models. The frame is constructed of high-quality aircraft aluminum and CNC machines to perfection. The strong, stiff frame meets the demands of the world’s best inline racers, providing superb power transfer with every stride. Designed around the trusted 195mm mounting system, the 3X4 110/100 - 12.8 Titanium Pink frame from POWERSLIDE is compatible with the Pitch and Stride Control to correct physical malfunctions and for improved comfort and performance. With a length of 12.8 inches / 325mm, these frames are made for speed and can accept a Hi-lo setup with 3x110mm/1x100mm wheels.
Frame Overview:
AL 7003 aircraft; 195mm 2-point mounting; 12.8" / 325mm; 3x110mm/1x100mm
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12.8" / 325mm
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Frame Material:
AL 7003 aircraft
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Frame Mounting Standard:
195mm 2-point mounting
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Max. Wheel Size:
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Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM):
12.8" / 335mm
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Frame Setup:
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Standing Height Front / Rear in MM:
95mm / 106mm
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Frame Axles:
Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, Torx T25
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Frame Spacer:
Built in and CNC machined
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Adjustable Side to Side:
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Frame Construction:
X-box extrusion
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Frame Manufacturing Process:
Extruded and CNC machining
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Wheel Diameter:
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Included Accessories:
AL spacers, mounting screws, tool -Torx T25, Stride Control
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Wheel Setup:
2 Years
Technology_Inline Skates_195 Mounting
Technology_Inline Skates_Extruded & CNC Machined
Technology_Inline Skates_Pitch Control / Trinity Pitch Control
Technology_Inline Skates_Stride Control / Trinity Stride Control
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