Sabres 3 Ice Blade

902275 | Silver | Pair
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Powerslide Sabres 3 Ice Blade - Easily transform your 3-wheel inline skates into ice skates. Low-profile, stainless steel ice blades.

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Why compromise? POWERSLIDE makes it easy to use your favorite skates all year long thanks to the Sabres 3 convertible ice blade. This awesome ice blade turns your 3-wheel Triskates into ice skates, so you can skate in any season. The POWERSLIDE Sabres 3 ice blade can quickly be installed on your standard 3-wheel inline skate. Simply replace your wheels with the ice blade while keeping your frame spacers installed which are needed to center the blade. It’s just that easy - you’ll be ready to hit the ice in no time. The POWERSLIDE Sabres 3 ice blade is made of strong stainless steel alloy and has a hockey-style radius that helps make it agile and responsive. The Sabres 3 fits multiple Triskate frames, so check out the sizing chart to make sure your blades match your skates.
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176g (S/M incl. hardware)
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S/M = 8.1"/205mm, 8.5"/215mm, 8.9"/225mm, 9.3"/235mm, 9.6"/243mm, 9.8"250mm; L/XL = 10.0"/255mm, 10.6"/270mm, 11.5"/292mm, 11.8"/300mm
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Blade Name:
Sabres 3
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Blade Material:
Heat treated 5 CR 14 Mo Vanadium steel
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Blade Hardness:
54±2 HRC
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Blade Width:
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Blade Pre-Sharpened:
2 Years
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