Onesie Men Wristguard

903230 | Black/Grey | pair
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Powerslide Onesie Men Wristguard - Wristguards that fit virtually everyone- Sizes small to extra-large, durable palm and back splints, wide straps.
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Not sure what size of wristguard is right for you? No problem, with the POWERSLIDE Onesie Men wristguard you can’t go wrong. This innovative protective wristguard for action sports is one size fits all fits - ranging from size Small (S) up to X-large (XL). The Onesie Men wristguard from POWERSLIDE incorporates a 4-way stretchable knitted cotton sleeve that not only makes the wristguard comfortable, it also promotes breathability which helps to keep you cool even during the most intense sessions whether you’re inline skating, scooter riding, skateboarding, and enjoying pretty much any action sport. You can have confidence knowing the POWERSLIDE Onesie Men wristguard is there to break your fall and disperse the force of impacts away from your wrist thanks to the durable palm splint and anatomically shaped back splint. The wristguard also has a wide strap to keep it firmly in place. Unmatched versatility, comfort, and protection - it’s the Onesie Men wristguard from POWERSLIDE. This wristguard passes the EN 14120 European safety test.
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One size fits all (S-XL)
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Material Bottom Splint/Slider Wristguard:
polyethylene (PE)
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Material Upper Wristguard:
cotton & elastane
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Padding Wristguard:
high density EVA foam
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Material Lining Knee and Elbow Pads:
cotton & elastane
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Material Top Splint Wristguard:
polyethylene (PE)
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Bottom Strap Wristguard:
elastic nylon, velcro
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Extra Features:
one size fits all (S-XL)
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Size Bottom Splint Wristguard:
one size
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Size Top Splint Wristguard:
one size
Class C >50 kg
2 years
Test Report
EN Standard
EN 14120:2003+A1 2007
Letter of Conformity
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