Nordic Glove

908283 | Black/Reflective | Pair
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Powerslide Nordic Glove - Off-road and SUV inline skatingglove. Grippy PU leather palm, breathable aero mesh, reflective materials to improve visibility

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The #1 choice for off-road inline skaters - it’s the Nordic Glove from POWERSLIDE. This purpose-made glove is designed to be lightweight, breathable, and unobtrusive so it doesn’t get in the way or interfere when you’re rolling through rough terrain avoiding tree limbs, rocks, and other obstacles. The glove incorporates aero mesh material to promote ventilation and help keep you and to improve grip while holding poles while training on your off-road and SUV skates, the glove includes abrasion-resistant PU leather on the palm. The glove is also reinforced in strategic areas to prevent against abrasion which can be caused by rubbing from poles. The POWERSLIDE Nordic Glove is incredibly functional and perfect for intense off-road or SUV skating and training. The gloves include terrycloth material on the thumb that can be used to wipe sweat. The glove includes small loops to help remove the glove with ease, And to finish it off, it features reflective material to help ensure you’re visible in low-light conditions. The POWERSLIDE Nordic glove is a must-have for all off-road skaters.
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Material Upper Wristguard:
Aero mesh, polyurethane (PU) leather
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Bottom Strap Wristguard:
Elastic mesh, velcro
2 years
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