UBS Universal Brake 100

900531 | Black | 1 pc.
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The Powerslide Universal Brake System (UBS) was the first-ever made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) developed especially for speed skates. The brake can be used on the most common speed frames on the market. On top, the brake can also be adjusted in width to fit wider frames. It has been specially developed for max. 4x100mm frame setups. The brake includes all necessary hardware. It takes about two minutes to assemble the brake. The brake pad is made of long-lasting and abrasion-resistant NR/SBR material, a mix of natural and synthetic rubber blends.
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One Size
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Max. Wheel Size:
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Material Brake Pads:
NR/SBR = natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber
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Hardness Brake Pads:
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Max. Width of Frame Fitting the Brake:
Adjustable 34mm to 38mm
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Assembly Hardware:
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Assembly of complete Brakes:
With two pcs. of double axles
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Assembly of Brake Pads:
With screw
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Brake Option:
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Important Notes:
The brake won´t fit any rockered frames
2 years
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