TRINITY Adaptor incl. Hardware

880252 | Black | Pair
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The Powerslide TRINITY adaptor converts skates featuring a regular 2-point mounting standard into a skate with TRINITY 3-point mounting. The only requirement is that your current skate has a shaped outsole with a 9-13mm heel pitch, meaning the outsole is not flat but has a higher heel. The adaptor could be used for example for USD Sway skates but also skates from other brands with a similarly shaped outsole like the Sway. Take advantage of our patented and proven TRINITY system which provides a superior power transfer, reduces fatigue, and improves control and stability.
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One Size
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Frame Mounting Standard:
TRINITY 3-point mounting
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Included Accessories:
assembling hardware
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Feature 1:
Made of durable glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK material
2 Years
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