Sunmate 175 Air Tire

908350 | Black | 1 pc.
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These 175mm x 50mm profiled tires from Sunmate provide a good mix of roll, traction, and weight. The 50mm wide rubber tires get you everywhere, even mastering the roughest terrains. They also offer a fantastic grip in wet skating conditions. To keep the weight as low as possible we use a 5-spoke dual aluminum/composite rim which just looks amazing and sporty. The rim not only looks great, but it’s also very durable and makes replacing punctured tires easy. The tire features a Schrader valve and can be inflated to the max. 50 psi. / 3,5 bar.
Wheel Overview:
Sunmate; 7" / 175mm; 50 PSI / 3,4 bar; NR/SBR = Natural rubber / Styrene Butadine rubber
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7" / 175mm x 50mm
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Frame Spacer:
AL tube, 1 piece on each side of the tire
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Wheel Diameter:
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Wheel Hardness:
50 PSI / 3,5 bar
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Wheel Compound:
NR/SBR = Natural rubber / Styrene Butadine rubber
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Wheel Core:
6061 aluminum extruded and CNC machined + glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK, 2 piece construction
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Wheel Bearing Standard:
6001 standard
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Wheel Spacer:
Composite tube spacer
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Max. Air Pressure:
50 PSI / 3,5 bar
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Bearing Standard:
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Material Wheel Core:
6061 aluminum + glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - 2-piece construction
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Wheel Manufacturing Process:
2 Years
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