LED Cones Glow in the Dark White

907069 | White | 10 pcs.
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Powerslide Fothon LED cones take freestyle slalom to the next level. Now you can skate day and night and not only once but over and over again. Simply charge the battery with the micro-USB, clip them into the cones, and off you go. This set comes in a cool white color including three different modes - steady light, fast interval, and slow interval. A set of 10 cones includes five LEDs that are offered in four cool color options. On top of this, the Powerslide cones are made of glow-in-the-dark material. So even you don´t use the LEDs s you still have some cool cones which glow at night for approx. 4h. The LEDs can be also used separately like for example on your skates, helmets backpacks, and other equipment. Super cool night skating sessions coming your way.
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2 Years
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