Hota 200 Air Tire

908246 | Black | 1 pc.
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200mm Air Tire for the Powerslide Grave Digger

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The Hota 200mm Air tire is a monster off-road tire. These massive 200mm x 50mm off-road profiled tires provide perfect traction. The 50mm wide surface gets you everywhere and can master rough terrain. To keep the weight low we developed a two-piece aluminum rim. The star-shaped rim just not only looks great, but it’s also very lightweight and durable. The tire features a Schrader valve and can be inflated to the max. 60 psi. / 4,0 bar."

IMPORTANT NOTE: This complete tire is only compatible with the Powerslide Grave Digger. It doesn´t fit the 4-cross frame due to different wheel hub width!
Hota; 8" / 200mm; 60 PSI / 4, 0 bar; NR/SBR = Natural rubber / Styrene Butadine rubber
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8" / 200mm x 50mm
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Frame Spacer:
AL tube, 1 piece on each side of the tire
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Wheel Diameter:
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Wheel Hardness:
60 PSI / 4,1 bar
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Wheel Compound:
NR/SBR = Natural rubber / Styrene Butadine Rubber
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Wheel Core:
6061 alumiunum, extruded and CNC machined, 2 piece construction
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Wheel Bearing Standard:
6001 standard
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Wheel Spacer:
AL tube spacer
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Max. Air Pressure:
60 PSI / 4, 1 bar
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Bearing Standard:
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Material Wheel Core:
6061 aluminum -2-piece construction
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Wheel Manufacturing Process:
2 Years
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