Allround Adventure Basic White

903329 | White | 1 pc.
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Powerslide Allround Adventure Basic White Helmet - Comfortable and safe helmet designed for kids who love action sports. Easy clip buckle, adjustable headring, EPS foam skeleton, ABS shell, two sticker packs

Other versions:
48cm - 52cm
52cm - 56cm
56cm - 58cm
58cm - 64cm
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Introducing the ALLROUND Adventure Basic White inline skate helmet, the perfect blend of safety and style for skaters of all ages and skill levels. This helmet is designed to provide top-notch protection while keeping you looking effortlessly cool during your skating adventures. Safety is paramount, and the ALLROUND Adventure helmet is built with your well-being in mind. It meets stringent safety standards, offering reliable head protection for all your inline skating escapades. Whether you're cruising through the neighborhood or tackling more adventurous terrains, this helmet is your trusted companion, ensuring you can skate with confidence. Style is not compromised with the ALLROUND Adventure helmet. With its sleek and contemporary design, this helmet exudes an air of sophistication and individuality. Available in four different sizes, it caters to a wide range of skaters, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit for everyone. Choose the size that suits you best and make a fashion statement on your skating journey. Comfort is a top priority, and the ALLROUND Adventure helmet delivers on this front as well. It is crafted with high-quality materials and features a lightweight construction, reducing strain on your head and neck during extended skating sessions. The adjustable straps and padding ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on your skating without any distractions. The versatility of the ALLROUND Adventure helmet makes it suitable for various inline skating activities. Whether you're practicing tricks at the skate park, exploring urban landscapes, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, this helmet is designed to accompany you on every adventure, providing the protection you need. Equip yourself with the ALLROUND Adventure inline skate helmet and experience the perfect combination of safety, style, and comfort. With its diverse size options, superior protection, and fashionable design, this helmet is an essential accessory for all inline skaters. Embrace your skating journey, express your unique style, and enjoy the thrill of skating with confidence and flair. Get ready to explore new horizons with the ALLROUND Adventure helmet by your side.
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370g (48cm - 54cm), 400g (52cm - 56 cm), 450g (56cm - 58cm), 500g (58cm - 64cm)
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Head Circumferences / Sizes:
48cm - 54cm, 52cm - 56cm, 56cm - 58cm, 58cm - 64cm
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Adjustable Head Ring:
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Outside Shell Construction:
Injected shell
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Outside Shell Material:
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Padding Material Helmet:
EVA pads
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High density EPS
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Straps Helmet:
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Closure Helmet:
Easy clip buckle
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Included Accessories:
Sticker Pack
CE Certificate
2 Years
Test Report
EN Standard
EN 1078: 2012
Letter of Conformity
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