Falcon White

904652 | White | Pair
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Powerslide Falcon inline speed skate boots are lightweight and made with race-proven technologies. High-end skates for an affordable price.

Other versions:
32 EU
1 (US Kids, Jr. 13 (UK), 200mm (Mondo)
33 EU
2 (US Kids, 1 (UK), 206mm (Mondo)
34 EU
3 (US Kids, 2 (UK), 213mm (Mondo)
35 EU
4 (US M), 5 (US W), 3 (UK), 219mm (Mondo)
36 EU
5 (US M), 6 (US W), 4 (UK), 225mm (Mondo)
37 EU
5,5 (US M), 6,5 (US W), 4,5 (UK), 234mm (Mondo)
38 EU
6 (US M), 7 (US W), 5 (UK), 240mm (Mondo)
39 EU
7 (US M), 8 (US W), 6 (UK), 245mm (Mondo)
40 EU
7,5 (US M), 8,5 (US W), 6,5 (UK), 253mm (Mondo)
41 EU
8 (US M), 9 (US W), 7 (UK), 259mm (Mondo)
42 EU
9 (US M), 10 (US W), 8 (UK), 266mm (Mondo)
43 EU
10 (US M), 11 (US W), 9 (UK), 273mm (Mondo)
44 EU
10,5 (US M), 9,5 (UK), 279mm (Mondo)
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The POWERSLIDE Falcon boot is the stylish, race-quality inline speed skate boot for an accessible price you’ve been looking for. Engineered with technologies from POWERSLIDE’s race-proven 3X series of inline speed skates, the Falcon gives young skaters a stylish teal boot with all the features they need to develop confidence and learn the foundational speed skate skills necessary to become a champion. The shell of the Falcon inline boot is made of a lightweight combination of carbon, and glass fiber while the upper portion of the boot is made of microfiber and nano-grade leather, giving this impressive inline skate boot excellent comfort and striking style competitors can’t miss while you’re passing them on the way to the finish line. Designed around a 165mm or a 195mm mount(size 32 to 35 with 165mm), the POWERSLIDE Falcon is a fast, precise, and affordable race boot that’s ready to bring you to the podium.
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Hybrid carbon boot; hand lasted; 165 or 195mm 2-point mounting; built in liner with microfiber material; heat moldable MYFIT shell at 110°C
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340g (size 35)
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Boot Type:
Hybrid carbon, hand lasted
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Single sizes, full sizes only
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Shell / Outsole Material:
Carbon, glass-fiber
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Cuff Material:
Boot without cuff
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Heat Moldability:
MYFIT shell with 110°C
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Material Upper / Liner:
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Top Closure:
No top closure
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45° Closure / Front Foot Closure:
Micro adjustable Icon ratchet buckle / Waxed laces
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Built in liner with microfiber lining
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Liner Top Closure:
Details icon
No innersole
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Inline Skate Height in CM:
12cm (size 41)
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Adjustable Side to Side:
Yes, 165 or 195mm shell, 8mm
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Adjustable Front to Back:
Yes, 165 or 195mm shell, 8mm
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Frame Manufacturing Process:
injection molding
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Cushions Material:
casted polyurethane (PU), HR = high rebound
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Included Accessories:
Tool - T25 Torx
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Length of Laces per Shoesize:
155cm (32-42), 165cm (43-44)
Max. tested User Weight:
2 Years
Letter of Conformity
Technology_General_Basalt Fiber
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