Edge 150, TRI

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POWERSLIDE Edge 150 Frameset - Off-road inline skating frameset for cross-training and full-body workouts. Made of Aluminum with TRINITY mountingsystem, X-slot mounting, fitting max. 150mm tires.

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Powerslide Frame company of the year 2018 BIGWHEELBLADING award
Powerslide Frame company of the year 2019 BIGWHEELBLADING award
Powerslide Frame company of the year 2020 BIGWHEELBLADING award
The POWERSLIDE Edge 150 is a unique off-road inline skating frameset that is designed to be as light as possible while still delivering the superb strength and responsiveness you expect from a high-performance off-road inline skate frame. Unlike other off-road frames, the POWERSLIDE Edge 150 is designed with only two wheels in order to save weight. It’s the perfect frame for those who are cross-training with poles for cross country skiing and anyone focused on off-road inline skating to get a full-body workout. Engineered around the TRINITY 3-point mounting system, the POWERSLIDE Edge 150 off-road frame delivers a host of benefits not found in other off-road frames. Thanks to the TRINITY’s three points of contact, the wheels are brought as close to the boot as possible, giving skaters a low center of gravity, unmatched stability, improved control, and efficient power transfer. The Edge 150 frame also features X-Slot technology that allows you to shift the frame in any direction to customize your frame position to augment your individual skating style. To complete this awesome off-road frameset, the Edge comes with rugged 150mm tires that allow you to roll virtually any terrain. To further improve further safety and control, the Edge 150 frameset is compatible with POWERSLIDE’s SUV cuff brake.
Frame Overview:
AL 6061 aircraft; TRINITY 3-point mounting; 11.4" / 290mm; 2x150mm
Wheel Overview:
CST Pro; 6\" /150mm, 90 PSI / 6, 2 bar; NR/SBR = Natural rubber / Styrene Butadine rubber
Bearing Overview:
Wicked; ABEC 7 rustproof; SUS stainless steel
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1020g (complete frame set)
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11.4" / 290mm
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Frame Material:
AL 6061 aircraft
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Frame Mounting Standard:
TRINITY 3-point mounting
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Max. Wheel Size:
6*1 1/4" / 150mm*32mm
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Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM):
11,4" / 290mm
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Frame Setup:
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Standing Height Front / Rear in MM:
144,0mm / 155,0mm
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Frame Axles:
Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, Torx T25
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Frame Spacer:
Built in and CNC machined
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Adjustable Side to Side:
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Adjustable Front to Back:
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Frame Construction:
Single void
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Frame Manufacturing Process:
Extruded and CNC machining
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Wheel Name:
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Wheel Diameter:
6" / 150mm
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Wheel Hardness:
90 PSI / 6,2 bar
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Wheel Compound:
NR/SBR = Natural rubber / Styrene Butadine rubber
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Wheel Bearing Standard:
608 standard
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Wheel Spacer:
AL tube spacer
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Bearing Brand:
WCD Wicked
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Bearing Rating:
ABEC 7, rustproof
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Bearing Standard:
608 standard
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Bearing Material:
SUS stainless steel
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Bearing Shield:
S-Channel Rubber Shields (SCRS) shield, double sided
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Bearing Lubrication:
Kyodo grease
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Included Accessories:
Mounting screws, tool - Torx T25
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Wheel Setup:
2 Years
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