Rutscherla II adj.

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Powerslide Rutscherla II Kids Ice Skates - Size-adjustable, dual stainless steel blade, works with regular footwear.
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There’s never been a better way for kids to learn how to ice skate - say hello to the Rutscherla II size-adjustable ice skates from POWERSLIDE. Made specifically for young children learning to skate, the POWERSLIDE Rutscherla II ice skate is versatile and designed to fit wide, thick winter boots. Size-adjustable to 7 different sizes, the Rutscherla II grows with your child, so you know your kid will have a well-fitting ice skate for seasons to come. Simply slide your little one’s foot into the skate, tighten the straps and they’re ready to hit the ice. Incorporating a dual-blade made of light and strong 303 stainless steel alloy, this impressive kids ice skate is incredibly stable, making it the perfect platform for kids building confidence and learning foundational ice skating skills. Let your little ones discover the fun of ice skating with the size-adjustable Rutscherla II from POWERSLIDE.
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7-Sizes adjustable
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Blade Holder Material:
Stainless steel
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Blade Material:
303 stainless steel alloy
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Blade Hardness:
52±2 HRC
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Blade Width:
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Two buckles
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Highlight 4:
Can fit normal to wider sized winter shoes
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Special fitting information:
Size adjustable
2 Years
Test Report
EN Standard
EN 15638:2009
Letter of Conformity
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