MYFIT Technology


With MYFIT tech you can heatmold liner, shells and uppers

MYFIT says it all – We want to improve skating performance by providing the tools for a better fit and comfort. Every foot is different and even a person´s left and right feet are usually not the same. This might result in discomfort with inline skates. Purchasing a bigger size than the regular shoe size is not a solution as your feet will have too much room in the skates. Your feet will move, which means there is friction which can cause blisters. Additionally, you will lack performance as your power transfer and reactivity will decrease. One solution to improve the fit of your skates is the MYFIT heat molding technology. Powerslide offers various heat moldable skates. You can either adjust the shell, the liner, or the entire boot to your individual anatomy in order to customize and optimize the fitting, comfort, and performance. The MYFIT-logo on skates or liner indicates the heat molding option. For further information check details on the Powerslide website for the particular skate model or contact either your favorite shop or Powerslide directly.