HC Evo Custom Pro Boot

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Powerslide HC Evo Pro custom Freestyle Urban inline skate boots are made for city & slalom skating action. Comfortable heat moldable carbon shell with TRINITY mount. After ca. 12 weeks, your very own skate will arrive at your door.

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After ca. 14 weeks, your very own skate will arrive at your door.
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Do you want to be different? Do you want to create a unique design that nobody else has? Well, now you can! Create your very own, perfect urban skate and discover what you’re capable of on inline skate with the POWERSLIDE HC Evo Pro boot. What began as a legendary inline urban freeskate, the HC Evo Pro is now available in a boot-only option that allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of this high-performance freeskate and turn it into the ideal skate for your individual skating style. To give you perfect support we the HC Evo Pro boot has new wires in the upper portion of the boot which is coated with strong and durable TPU-material. A stiff outside with a soft, padded interior makes this boot the pinnacle inline urban freeskate boot on the market. The boot is engineered with the versatile TRINITY 3-point mounting system, allowing you to mount a range of frames, from SUV off-road frames to urban frames and everything in between. POWERSLIDE offers a wide range of frames with different wheel configurations, so why not create the perfect skate just for you? Thrilling SUV skating action, long rides for your daily workout, an agile commuter skate to explore the city, or shredding some rails and curbs - everything is possible with that HC Evo Pro boot from POWERSLIDE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Skate can be done also in size MONDO 305 | US M 12.5 | UK 11.5 | EU 47.
Due to a different production process of this size it causes additional costs though. If you´re interested, please reach out to us directly.
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