LB Truck Forged Screw Axles Steel, Red

610008 | red | 1 pc.
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LB Truck Forged Screw Axles Streel 170/red, high quality forged truck for Longboard.

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Powerslide Longboard Truck Forged Screw Axles Steel, red, available in 170mm or 180mm is a true masterpiece in the world of longboarding hardware. Engineered for maximum durability and performance, these trucks are crafted from high-quality CroMo steel, ensuring a perfect blend of strength and lightness. The forged screw axles are a testament to precision engineering, providing riders with a stable and responsive feel on any terrain. Whether you're cruising down the boardwalk or tackling challenging downhill slopes, the Truck Forged Screw Axles Steel, red is designed to handle it all with ease. The Truck Forged Screw Axles Steel comes in an aggressive red colorway, these trucks not only deliver superior functionality but also make a bold statement. The eye-catching color adds a touch of style to your ride, making your longboard stand out from the crowd. The CroMo steel construction ensures longevity, giving you the confidence to push your limits and explore new horizons. Upgrade your longboard setup with these high-performance trucks and experience a new level of control and stability on every ride. Unleash the full potential of your longboarding adventures with Truck Forged Screw Axles Steel, red by Powerslide.
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6,7" / 170 mm
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Axle Type:
CroMo steel, standard with nut
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170mm, 180mm
2 Years