Maximus 80-75A

110054 | Blue/Clear | 4-pack
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Powerslide Maximus 80mm / 75A Grip is a fast and grippy wheel made in the USA with the best polyurethane.

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Powerslide Maximus Prime 80mm/75A Wheels

Advanced grip and control for superior roller hockey performance
Developed to deliver consistent performance on the rink, the Maximus Prime 80mm / 75A is a high-performance roller hockey wheel designed to gives hockey players the speed and agility you need for fast, intense roller hockey action.

Explosive Speed
Beat your opponent to the puck/ball and backcheck to help out your defence - with an 80mm diameter, these wheels are meant for speed. The high-performance Maximus Prime wheels include a CPP insert system providing an extra pop and the explosive power to react quickly and leave your opponents behind.

Grip and Agility
Made of high-quality, American-made PU, at 75A these Maximus Prime wheels deliver excellent grip and control so you can turn and stop quickly so you’re always in control.

Maximus Prime 80mm / 75A roller hockey wheels deliver the speed and control needed to score score big goals when the game is on the line. "
Wheel Overview:
Prime Maximus 80; 80mm / 75A; SHR= Super High Rebound - Made in USA
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Wheel Diameter:
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Wheel Hardness:
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Wheel Compound:
SHR= Super High Rebound - Made in USA
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Wheel Profile:
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Wheel Core:
PU Universe
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Wheel Insert:
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Wheel Bearing Standard:
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Wheel Spacer:
AL floating spacer, 8mm
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Wheel Width:
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Battery included/needed:
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Brake Option:
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Wheel Manufacturing Process:
2 Years