Interlock Cushions 80 - 15mm/12mm

610023 | Purple | 8 pcs.
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Jelly Interlock Cushions 80 boost your performance. Unique to Chaya, the Jelly Interlock purple color cushion aka “bushings” is a special super high rebound polyurethane (PU-) formula. The interlock construction connects the coned and barreled cushions save more energy than non-interlock cushions and give you a boost when you need it most. Jelly Interlock cushions absorb all kinds of vibration caused by imperfect surfaces as well as impacts from landing jumps. No matter if you need more stability and control or increased agility, the selection of hardnesses of the Jelly cushions will do their job. The 12mm coned / 15mm barreled setup fits perfectly with Chaya Shari and Zena plates. The purple Jelly Interlock cushion is made in an 80A hardness.
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40g (8 pcs.)
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15mm barrel, 12mm cone, fitting Chaya Shari Plates
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Cushions Name:
Jelly Interlock Cushions
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Cushions Material:
casted polyurethane (PU)
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Cushions Hardness:
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Cushions Height:
15mm barrel, 12mm cone
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Extra Features:
Jelly cushions fitting Chaya Shari and Zena plates
2 Years
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