Twincam ILQ 7, 16 -Pack

310093 | Silver | 16 pcs.
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Twincam ILQ 7-16 are urban and aggressive skaters favorite bearing. They are well-known for their long-lasting and fast spinning qualities.

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Wicked Bearing Brand of the year 2020 BIGWHEELBLADING award
The Wicked ILQ 7 is an entry into the world of Twincam. Twincam is a famous name in the bearing world, and it was no question for Wicked to team up and add some bearings to the collection. Chrome steel and double metal shield mean this bearing is tough and won’t clog up with road grime as you shred the street. It's coming now in our tube packaging. BE WICKED.
Bearing Overview:
Wicked, ILQ-7, chrome steel
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Bearing Brand:
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Bearing Rating:
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Bearing Standard:
608 standard
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Bearing Shield:
ZZ, double sided steel shield
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Bearing Lubrication:
Kyodo grease
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Number of Balls:
7 Balls
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Material Bearing Balls:
Chrome steel
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Material Bearing Rings:
Chrome steel
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Material Bearing Cage:
2 Years
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