Wicked Bearings - About us

The World’s Best Bearings

WICKED HARDWARE is designed using the finest materials available to ensure maximum quality and performance. Innovation coupled with unique design equals an uncompromising level of performance for your chosen rolling sport demand. 


The History of Wicked Bearings 

WICKED came to life in 2016, born out of the need for smooth, high-quality bearings specifically designed for rolling sports, including inline skating, roller skating, skateboarding, and scootering. 

The WICKED brand is focused on producing top-quality, reliable bearings for all rolling activities and all skill levels, from beginners to top professionals. At the heart of the WICKED brand is an unmatched bearing collection that has been meticulously developed to meet and exceed the needs of rolling sports. 

There are bearings to suit every application, at every performance level, and for every budget. From our WICKED Record bearings that are the pinnacle of bearing performance to reliable WICKED Abec 5 bearings that are durable and can take a beating, WICKED has the perfect bearing to match your rolling style, whether you’re on a board, on a scooter, and cruising in a pair of inline or roller skates. 

Now, a few years later, WICKED has grown to be an industry-leading hardware company, offering not just bearings, but all the high-quality components you need to go faster, jump higher, and discover what you’re really capable of on wheels.

At WICKED, innovation never stops.

We continue to develop new bearings and products, including different sizes of bearings to fit new groundbreaking roller sports that have become popular in recent years such as SUV off-road skating. 

And when we say we make the best bearings and hardware on the market, we mean it. In 2020, WICKED bearings were recognized for being the fastest on the market, helping renowned inline speed skater Felix RIJHNEN reach a new world record for distance skated one-hour in an event in Geisingen. 

Our infamous bearings with their red shields and unmistakable logo are used by some of the best rolling athletes in the world. We’re proud to have one of the teams ever assembled, including Eugen Enin, Nick Lomax, Lorenzo Demuru, Bart Swings, Felix Rijhnen, Gabriela Rueda, Barbara Luciana,  and many others.

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