Rainbow flag

Diversity and Inclusion


At POWERSLIDE, we love to skate. Our goal has always been to expose as many people as possible to inline skating and rolling sports. We believe skating should bring people together to experience and share the joy of rolling.

No matter your race, religion, culture, or gender, we fully support and encourage you to be you. Embrace being yourself because there’s nothing more important than a person who can be free, honest, and open without judgment or restraint. 

POWERSLIDE is dedicated to advancing an open society through sport. We do our absolute best to avoid any kind of gender labeling that could threaten one’s freedoms and right to self-determination. 

Unfortunately, the concept of “gender norms” still exists; search engines and website analytics are based on categories focused on outdated concepts such as age and solely male/female gender options. For this reason, POWERSLIDE products have “traditional” gender categories. The fact is, color and style have nothing to do with gender, and we invite you to enjoy any POWERSLIDE product you like. 

The concept of gender is complex and everyone is welcome to define themselves however they see fit to gain a deeper understanding of their identities. So, whether you identify as male, female, transgender, gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, or anything else - we are here with open arms and a pair of skates for you to try. 

POWERSLIDE is proud to be an international company with a diverse global network of suppliers, customers, athletes, and friends. Headquartered in Germany with a truly international staff and supporting more than 100 athletes from around the globe, the POWERSLIDE family represents a wide range of cultures, races, and simply beautifully passionate people who all come together with different views and ideas that culminate in a diverse, open, and inclusive environment. We also just happen to make the possibly best inline skating and rolling products in the world. That’s no coincidence. When you bring together talented, passionate people without constraints, good things happen.

- The Powerslide Family