Nicoly Machado

Wicked Team

Name: Nicoly Machado 

DOB: 07/20/2007

Nationality: Brazilian 

Current Location: Brazil 

Bio: I got to know the skates through a YouTube video of a skater named Felipe Zambardino and I started skating when I was 11 years old.  My first championship at just 3 months old I won 3rd place, at 12 I became state champion, and at 14 I became Brazilian champion 

Current or favorite set up: USD Aeon and Storm Nicoly Pro 80 with signiture Wicked 6 ball Nicoly Machaddo bearings!

Favorite/Funny tour story: a funny story, my family and I took the car to spend a weekend in a city far away. our goal was for me to do a trick on a kink rail the whole weekend raining and even so I decided to send the maneuver, in the midst of mud and rain I managed to get down the railing, and my father was at the end to hold me, that's when I hugged him, we both went rolling. lol

Both dirty and grated but happy with one more street rail made

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