Laethisia Schimek

Wicked Team

Name: Laethisia Schimek

Country: Germany

Current Location: Groß-Gerau

Loving to skate since: 1994

Riding for Wicked since: the very beginning

Current Skate Setup: McCargo Boots, XXX4 frame, Wicked ceramic bearings, Matter Propel Wheels (for track) G13 (for road)

Favorite skate: McCargo custom Boots and Bladies (USD Aeon) ?

Favorite frames: XXX4 frame

Favorite wheels: Propel blue F1

Favorite bearings: Wicked ceramic 

Why do you love to skate? Because of the speed and the allround skills you need to go very fast.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? The possibility to go faster and faster and to always learn something new. 

What is your favorite place to skate? My home track in Groß-Gerau and the tracks in Pamplona, Madeira and Lagos.

What is your favorite trick? The start and accelerating phase is the most fascinating for me.

What advice would you like to give? Keep going. Specially when it gets hard its when you will grow the most. As long as you enjoy skating as your passion, the results will follow.

Any hobbies outside of skating? Aggressive skating haha

Do you have a life philosophy or phrase that inspires you? If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.

Some more private questions: What is your favorite food? Dates with almond- or cashew butter for the win! 

What is your favorite drink? I’m a boring drinker, I’m mostly drinking water or some electrolytes. 

Racing specific: What is your best marathon time? I honestly don’t know. It must be something around 01:10h during the Berlin Marathon. As a sprinter I’m busy enough with surviving a marathon.

What was your greatest success? Talking about medals and skating it was for sure my three individual bronze medals at the World Championships, two times super close to the title (500m and One Lap Sprint). Talking about in general life, it was to survive a badass near-death experience due to a failed surgery!

What is your favorite race? I don’t need to think about that for long. It’s the 500m. It gives me chills and makes my heart rate rise only thinking about it. Love that.

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