Exchangeable axles for park skating in different width for different stance

Paired with the Chaya XTNDR hanger (also referred to as trucks) XTNDR axles open the door to experience skating in a different way or to fine-tune the park skating setup. Most park skates out there are equipped with rather narrow trucks that set certain limits to the skating performance – wider trucks allow you to try new or different tricks. A common width of a truck incl axles is around 105mm. Thanks to the three different sizes of XTNDR trucks you can expand your base from 126mm (short axles) to 136mm (medium size) and 146mm (large size) which makes it easier to lock in on rails and copings. Even asymmetrical setups are possible, including using a shorter axle on the inside to avoid wheels touching. XTNDR axles are made of super durable high-grade CroMo steel.