Best mounting system on the market for inline skates with 3 mounting points

Trinity is our patented 3-point mounting system, it’s the cutting edge of modern inline skate technology. Trinity features dual front mounting points to create a deep grooved channel for the wheels allowing them to sit as close to the foot as possible, dramatically lowering the center of gravity. This triangulated mount creates a solid platform and increases energy transfer efficiency. Trinity works perfectly for 3-wheel setups but also provides outstanding advantages to 4-wheel skates:

· Better power transfer: thanks to the power triangle formed by the 3 mounting points.

· Stronger: because the forces are spread over 3 mounting points.

· More control: due to the strong 3-point connection between the boot and the frame and the wide distance between the 2 front mounting points. 

· Easier skating: the power triangle also helps with your weight transfer and balance. 

· Lower center of gravity: this means more control, stability and safer skating.

· X-Slot mounting to customize the frame position under your boots

· Fatigue Control: Trinity not only boosts your performance but also absorbs 30% more vibration and eases the roll over cracks and rough surfaces making every moment on your wheels as effortless and enjoyable as possible.