Rocker Frames


Not all wheels touching the ground for better agility

Usually, all 3 or 4 wheels of an inline skate are in contact with the ground, also known as a FLAT setup. A flat setup offers the most contact with the surface for a smooth and fast ride and helps to keep the balance and control while skating.

In some skate disciplines, the athletes require a so-called ROCKER frame setup.

In rockered 4 wheel frames, only the two center wheels touch the ground. The front and rear wheels don´t. The constellation looks like a banana shape and it's often called like this.

There are two types of rocker frames:

Pre-rockered frames: the two center axles are positioned 2mm lower than the external axles. By using 4 wheels with the same diameter only the two center wheels will touch the floor. Skater who want to change this type of frame to a flat setup is required to purchase some wheels with a larger diameter to replace the two external wheels on each side of the skate.

Rocker axles frames: The axles of the two center wheels can be turned 180 ° (rockered) down by 2mm. In this case, the skater can easily switch between flat and rockered setups without the need to buy another set of wheels.

Possible and common options to rocker flat frames are:

4x 72mm flat frames = 68-72-72-68mm rocker frames

4x76mm flat frames = 72-76-76-72mm rocker frame

4x80mm flat frame = 76-80-80-76mm rocker frame

Triskates aka three wheel skates are getting also more and more popular in freestyle and speed slalom skating. Powerslide TRINITY Triskate frames offer the above mentioned special axles. The center and rear wheel are fixed by special made axles which have an elliptical shape to allow the skater to rocker the wheels down by 2mm when turning the axle by 180 °.