3D Adapt Padding


Liner and inner shoes made out of PU casted material

3D Adapt Padding is a new patent pending casted comfort padding. The first of its kind and a new way to construct and manufacture skates. The traditional stitching method, which works with multiple layers of foam padding, has been replaced by casted polyurethane. The skate's sections are instead constructed of different density PU’s: a harder, anatomically designed bottom shape, for support; a softer PU ankle padding for increased comfort and a softer PU tongue, all fully anatomically casted and shaped around the foot. The 3D AP technology offers superior comfort, a longer-lasting padding and therefore better value as it won’t breakdown over time, like regular liner padding would. Additional features include ventilation channels, built-in lacing plus welded lining and upper materials. All of these add up to a real milestone in skate manufacturing.