Sergio Méndez Pérez

Powerslide Alpine Pro Team

Name: Sergio Méndez Pérez

Country: Spain

Current Location: Gijón, Asturias.

Loving to skate since: Since I was 6 years old and I start practicing speed skating at school.

Riding for Powerslide since: 2021

Current Skate Setup (boot, frame, wheels, bearings): Arise Trinity, XXX 13,2’’ / 4x110mm, Code Extreme F2 110 mm

Why do you love to skate? I love to feel the speed on the road and the freedom.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? My discipline is a new one and I like to make it popular in my country and in the world.

What was your greatest success? I think was the silver medal in World Roller Games in Nanjing (China) 2017. It was a surprise in very difficult conditions and track.

What is your favorite race? My favorite race is in Oviedo, Spain near my home and it,s very impressive to be in the center of a big city.

What advice would you like to give? Try it all time you can and enjoy the sport.

Any hobbies outside of skating? I´m a ski instructor and I like all activities in the mountains like mountain biking or backcountry ski.

What is your favorite moment in skating? I think all the time I spent with my teammates during the trips and races.

Tell us about your personal philosophy, phrase, ethic, and/or value as a skater! Yes, you can write a book…? For me skate and the sport, in general, is the best way to educate a child. Sport during my life makes me be like I’m now and it can make people better in all the ways. It’s not only about searching for a result on a race, is more than this.