Powerslide Urban Pro Team

Name: Nicoly Machado 

Country: Brazil 

Current Location: Florianópolis 

Loving to skate since: I was 11 years old , now I’m 15 years old

Riding for Powerslide since: 1 year ago 

Current Skate Setup: USD Skates Aaron Feinberg and Next Marble 

Favorite boot: Myfit liners 

Favorite frames: 4x80mm 

Favorite wheels: 

Agressive inline= Team 60mm-90A White 

Urban Skate= Undercover Earth 80mm-88A 

Favorite bearings: Wicked bearings Titanium 

Why do you like to skate? I like skating because it’s the time when I forget about my problems and I feel happy doing the tricks I want . Skates is my therapy .

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? What keeps me going is overcoming each maneuver, knowing that I'm capable.  And knowing that I inspire people and somehow I make them feel good.

What is your favorite place to skate? Skatepark Beira Mar Sao Jose 

What is your favorite trick? Blind Back Savana 

What is your favorite downhill? Avenue Rio Branco , Florianópolis. 

What advice would you like to give? A very important piece of advice to give someone is to enjoy every momeny with the people you love . Because it might be the last time you can be giving a hug to the people you love.

Any hobbies outside of skating? No , I don’t have any hobbies other than skating 

Do you have a life philosophy or phrase that inspires you? Don’t wait for the perfect moment . Make every moment the perfect opportunity 

What is your favorite moment in skating? My favorite moment in skating is when I land a Trick that I always found really hard to pull off, and my friends cheering. 

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