Léandre Fabri

Powerslide SUV Family Team

Name: Léandre FABRI

Country: France

Current Location: Montpellier

Loving to skate since: 10 years ago

Riding for Powerslide since: 1 year

Current Skate Setup: Aggressive: USD Aeon white grey and USD shadow, Freeskate: Powerslide Next 

Favorite boot: Aggressive: Aeon, Freeskate: Next, Imperial

Favorite frames: Aggressive: Ground Control ALU, Kizer fluid, Freeskate: Kizer flux

Favorite wheels: FAMOUS wheels and Undercover

Favorite bearings: Kaltik Abec 9, Wicked ABEC 9

Why do you love to skate? Rider Street at the beginning, I have been able to develop my creativity. I love the liberty I feel when I ride which bringing together my body expression to this creativity. It’s also a passion that I can live wherever I go, in this case when I travel. It is enough to have my skate to feel good, it’s a faithful travel companion. I love also to push my limit, feel the speed, the adrenaline allows feeling alive, and to improve myself, it makes me fly! About the SUV skate, first of all, attracted by the proximity with nature, I discovered a new vision to love skate, approach him in a different environment. The liberty is stronger with the SUV skate because I do not plan how to ride (tricks or jump), I just live in the present moment on the downhill and let myself be carried away along the way like a flow. I just get carried away along the way. I love to walk in the mountain to discover new spots. Tell us about your personal philosophy, ethic, and value as a skater! Rollerblading structures my life for a while. It makes me feel free and shapes my view of the world. When I put my skate, another way to see the environment take place. I call that often my second personality crazier .. which allows me to escapes and express myself. Putting on my inline skates gives me a set of abilities that I can't feel without. Be a rider defined the ways I take in life, give me courage and happiness. In general, it gives me the energy to live each moment, it’s a great way to move forward positively in life for the better. Because of this sport, it’s almost considered like hyperactivity, always thinking about the tricks, about the new possibilities I can figure, even if I don’t ride, I am thinking. For example, the SUV opens the doors to revisit nature, as the new place of my creativity on each spot, to reconnect with the greatness of nature like the mountain or a place in the middle of nowhere. It’s a kind of meditation more sportive which generates my being.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? Often, I motivate when I have a project in SUV where I can find a good place in nature to be creative and make original crazy stuff, like sliding a branch of a tree. I really like the concept to mix the SUV with aggressive skating. This is not just the rollerblading that inspires me now, it’s the VTT rampage, the mountainboard, or the ski. SUV skating allows meeting all the different extreme sport. Then, the sport could have more visibility and exceed the limits of its practice. Friends also motivate me in the regular session.

What is your favorite place to skate? The L.A mountainboard park on my SUV skate. I am more in harmony with nature than the cities and I can construct funny spots easier. Later, one of my dreams will be to open a shared placement in the middle of nature as this one who regroups the SUV skating, friends, place of discovery, and culture. Otherwise, the "hangar" in Nantes was my local skatepark and the place I grew up my level when I was a student.

What is your favorite trick? Rotation: 720, Flip: Rodeo, Grind: Savana

What was your greatest success? X-grind to backflip at Nantes Le hangar in the Harakiri contest

What advice would you like to give? Have fun in your riding, appropriate the ride like your own vision

Any hobbies outside of skating? Painting, Cooking, trekking

Do you have a life philosophy or phrase that inspires you? Live in the present moment

What is your favorite moment in skating? Landing the tricks

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