Judit Abarca

Powerslide Fitness Pro

Name: Judit Abarca

Country: Spain

Current Location: Barcelona

Loving to skate since: 8 years old, but I was a long time without skating because I lived on a mountain.

Riding for Powerslide since: From 2017

Current Skate Setup: Skates SWELL 100 mm

Favorite boot: SWELL

Favorite frames: Powerslide Elite, Triskate (3x3)

Favorite wheels: 100mm (but I would like to try 80-90 mm wheels to improve some tricks)

Favorite bearings: WCD Wicked

Why do you love to skate? I can feel free. It relaxes me, is very useful because you can easily transport myself anywhere. In addition to training with them. Tell us about your personal philosophy, ethic, and value as a skater! Skating is a lifestyle, it allows me to train, move and enjoy. What I like most about skating is skating with someone sharing good times, discovering new places, and training. In my summer holiday, I always take the opportunity to get away with my skates. It is wonderful to be able to discover a new country on skates, take advantage of the time and enjoy it twice as much. You also meet skaters from other places

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? Practice, practice, and practice, and roll with proficient skaters to help me improve.

What is your favorite place to skate? Gava Mar and Castell Defels promenade

What is your favorite move? Fitness: twists and one leg skating

What was your greatest achievement? Show a fun, challenging and original way of training: Rollerobics, which allows you to train endurance, strength, control, and stability. It makes me very happy to be able to reach the whole world showing this modality.

What advice would you like to give? Don't be in a hurry, but start practicing day by day. Skating makes you a better person and you train and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Any hobbies outside of skating? I studied Sport science and I am a fan of all sports, especially running, training, hiking, cycling, acrobats, volleyball ...

Do you have a life philosophy or phrase that inspires you? Train for life and be ready for anything.

What is your favorite moment in skating? One Sunday, prepare a picnic, and go skating on the beach and end up eating with a view of the sea and in good company. Finishing the day with more than 40 km.

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