Javier Rosa

Powerslide SUV Pro Team

Name: Javier Rosa

Country: Spain

Current Location: Barcelona

Loving to skate since: 1986, but I got my first pair of inline skates in 1995

Riding for Powerslide since: I’ve been involved with powerslide since 2016, but this is my first time officially riding for the brand.

Current Skate Setup: Dirt jumps: Powerslide Tau 2018 +Renegade frameset

Downhill: Powerslide Tau 2018 + Outback frameset

Favorite boots: Powerslide Tau & HC Evo, I love the Next boot too, and it’s awesome for SUV, but you can’t just beat the responsiveness and support of carbon fiber boots.

Favorite frames: SUV Renegade

Favorite wheels: CST 150

Favorite bearings: SUS Rustproof, they’re just unbeatable in durability.

Why do you love to skate? Because of the speed, the freedom, because the ability to feel the physics in your own body. When you skate you’re not controlling a machine, you are not attached to anything, it’s just your body movement enhanced with wheels in the most natural way, creating all this flowy motion and feeling all this energy, concentrated and released by your own movements… Every time you skate is an ode to the physics that holds nature together, even if you don’t make any trick. Tell us about your personal philosophy, ethic, and value as a skater! When I started inline skating everything was new, people around the world we're creating new tricks, contributing to generate a whole new culture, a way of living… that was roughly 20 years ago and it is still evolving since then, expanding into multiple ways. This sense of evolution, this idea of contributing to creating something beautiful and special is what got me hooked since the beginning, and for that same reason I low SUV skating too, it is a brand new blank slate that is asking for Being explored.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? I just kept imagining myself doing things and think “Woah, that must feel awesome”… so somehow, I end up doing that.

What is your favorite place to skate? La Poma bike park is absolutely my fav spot, but I’m discovering more and more nice sports to ride. I love to explore different scenarios though and enjoy skating them. Bike parks in general are awesome. 

What is your favorite trick? Generally, my favorite thing to do is just flowing around, improvising whether it is on some dirt jumps or on some nice slopes, but if I have to stick to a trick I like Flat Spins and 540’s, there’s something that comes off naturally by doing them.

What advice would you like to give? Explore, take the risk, be 

Any hobbies outside of skating? Family, Motorcycles, music, movies, and documentaries.

Do you have a life philosophy or phrase that inspires you? What is your favorite moment in skating? When you just have done something that seemed impossible a few seconds before.

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