Felix Michalski - Blind status: B1

Powerslide Racing Inclusion Team

Name: Felix Michalski Blind B1

Country: Germany

Current residence: Bergheim near Cologne

I love to skate since: 2015

I skate for Powerslide since: 2015

Current skate setup: My favorite skate Powerslide World Cup Trinity with a short 3x110mm frame.

The disc closure system is a blessing for blind people. Short Frames are preferred from my side, because we skate one behind the other.

Why do you love to skate? My brother (not blind) loves to skateand I wanted to be able to skate as well.

With Josef Riefert (my guide) I found an experienced blind coach and was able to skate by having fun.

What drives you to continue skating? Sporting activity or movement is simply a lot of fun for me. By having fun with my coach and guide Josef Riefert the success comes by itself. I can trust Josef Riefert blindly hahaha

Where do you like to skate the most? Terranova Speedway at the Hambach open pit mine where there is no public traffic on an old railroad track.

What is your fastest marathon time - or specify for another distance/race! 39 min DM 10km Oberschleissheim 2021 with my guide Josef Riefert and 1:55 h German Champinships half marathon Oberschleissheim 2017

What advice would you give to other (blind) skaters? Just try skate with friends and then look for clubs who offer training with guides to anjoy the freedom of skating. 

Important is: never skate without helmet.

Do you have any other hobbies? Swimming, running, tandem riding

What is your motto in life? Even as a blind person you can experience a lot, especially in sports.

What was your greatest success? German Champion (B1-blind) 2017, 2018, 2021 with guide Josef Riefert in the half marathon, over  the 10 km distance and on the track

2018 Honored at the "Kölsche SportNacht" by Mayor of the City of Cologne - Mrs Henriette Recker - for my achievements as an Inclusion speedskater in Cologne inline sports
German Champion (B1-blind) 2017, 2018, 2021 with guide Josef Riefert in the half marathon, over the 10 km distance and on the track

Portrait by Josef Riefert, Action left by Frank Depping, Action right by Anita Vent