Enrique Rubio

Powerslide Freestyle Pro Team

Name:Enrique Rubio Mesas

Country: Spain

Current Location: Valencia

Loving to skate since: 2011 

Riding for Powerslide since: 2015

Current Skate Setup: Hardcore EVO Pro with Trinity 4x80 blue frame, Wicked bearings, and slide wheels

Why do you love to skate? I love to skate because it is easier to go wherever you want in the city and I love the atmosphere and feelings when I skate on training and competitions

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? The feeling that the more I improve, the more I will enjoy doing new slides and also knowing that thanks to skating I can meet a lot of amazing people

What was your greatest success?  I became world slide champion in 2018

What is your favorite place to skate? Wherever there is no wind and I can slide on a slippery floor haha. But I love to train in Tinglado nº2 in Valencia. 

What is your favorite trick? Toe backslide for sure, but I also love combos using unity

What advice would you like to give? No matter what it is, do what you love as long as you love it and, if you want to improve, you just have to be consistent and self-disciplined.

Any hobbies outside of skating? I play table tennis and I also love nature and the mountains, so I also climb. Besides sports, I love reading and learning new things

What is your favorite moment in skating? When I am competing after the initial nerves have gone, so I can fully enjoy the moment and do my best. That’s the best feeling for me while skating.

Tell us about your personal philosophy, phrase, ethic, and/or value as a skater! Yes, you can write a book…? For me, skating is like a different way of looking at the world. It's a lifestyle after all and it has helped me to know myself better. I think that this sport, or at least slides, which is the modality I know best, is mostly mental. Therefore, it is no use to train a lot of technical skills if you don't train your mind. Both things must go hand in hand with each other. You have to trust yourself and be aware of your abilities to be able to give all you have during training and competitions. So, I see skating as a sport that has taught me how to train, to be constant, to push myself, and to trust myself. And I think that's the most important thing when it comes to practicing any sport or something you like, you always have to look for all the good things you can get from it.

2019 - 2nd in Slides at Freestyle Roller Games 2019 BCN (using HC Evo Trinity skates, Katana 4x80mm frames and Undercover wheels) - 1st in Freestyle Slides Men at Freestyle World Cup Ranking 2019
2018 - 1st in Slides at World Championships 2018 (using HC Evo+ Katana Frames+ 80mm UC Wheels) - 1st in Slides at European Championships 2018
2017 - 3rd in Slides at Roller Games 2017 (using HC Evo+ Katana Frames+ 80mm UC Wheels) - 1st in Slides at European Championships 2017
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