XTNDR Hanger Forged

810657 | Black | 4 pcs.
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The XTNDR axle remains to be only available in 136mm (medium). Click here

The XTNDR  truck is followed by the brand new Pro Park Truck. Click here

With Chaya XTNDR hanger - some call them trucks - you can easily customize your skates to explore a whole new world of park skating. The second generation of the hanger has been improved and now features two little locking screws to make sure the replaceable XTNDR axles will stay in place. They fit different types of Chaya plates in the market like Shiva, Ophira, Zena but also Shari plates. The heart of this exciting gadget is the option to chose axles which are available in three different lengths – narrow (126mm), medium (136mm), and wide (146mm). You can even create an asymmetrical setup by using a shorter axle on the inside of your skates compared to the outside for example, if you want to avoid wheel touching. The wider base of the trucks makes it easier to lock in on rails and copings. The hanger is made of super solid forged aluminum. No matter if you are an old school or new school skater, the new XTNDR trucks will guarantee great fun and will put you on a new level.
AL forged tuck
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60g (1 pc.)
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One Size
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Truck Name:
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Truck Hanger:
AL forged
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Truck Hanger Width (Inch / MM):
1,77" / 45mm
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Width Truck incl. Axles (Inch / MM):
3 sizes available: 5" / 126mm; 5,4" / 136mm; 5,7" / 146mm
2 Years
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